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Military Storage Program at Savannah Harley-Davidson® & Golden Isles Harley-Davidson®

Military Storage Program at Savannah Harley-Davidson® & Golden Isles Harley-Davidson®

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While you are deployed away from home for military duty, Savannah Harley-Davidson®; will store your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle for your entire deployment, free! That's our way to show our appreciation for the service you provide for us.

To qualify for this program, bring a copy of your military orders for overseas deployment or PCS/TDY orders, your military ID and proof of registration. The motorcycle must be registered in the name of the deployed military member to qualify.

We will add fuel stabilizer, maintain air in the tires, connect to a battery tender until your return and secure your bike in our climate controlled secure storage facility. All at no charge to you. Space is limited. When you return simply give us a call and we'll wash your motorcycle before you pick it up. If you can't make it to the shop, we will pick-up and deliver your motorcycle within a 50-mile radius. Just be sure to call us to set up delivery.

We strongly recommend that your bike receives an oil & filter change prior to storage. We'll do this for only $50 plus tax (price based on regular oil, Syn 3 is an additional $10). This is also a great time to have any scheduled maintenance or accessories installed. Our service department can take care of any service or installation while your bike is in storage.

Storage Instructions

  1. Schedule an appointment: Online at savannahhd.com, click on "services & rentals" then click on "service appointments" or call our service department at (912) 438-6239.
  2. Bring in your documentation:
    • Copy of your official orders.
    • Valid Government/State issued identification.
    • Proof of ownership (vehicle must be in service member's name).
      1. Owned Vehicles- Legible copy of your title (front and back) or registration.
      2. To store a vehicle registered in the spouse's name- (not the service members name) the following will apply in addition to the owned vehicle requirement.
      3. Spouse owner listed on orders: If the spouse is listed on the orders, then the vehicle registration/title in the spouse's name is acceptable to store the vehicle.
      4. Spouse and service member listed on registration: If the spouse and service member are both listed on the title/registration, storage is authorized.
      5. Spouse owner not listed on orders: If the spouse who owns the vehicle is not listed on the orders, storage would not be permitted even with a power of attorney.
  3. Power of Attorney: If someone other than the authorized service member is turning in your vehicle, you must provide them with a notarized general power of attorney or a special power of attorney that includes the Vehicle VIN#, make, and model.

Contact Your Insurance Company

You will need to contact your insurance company and notify them that your motorcycle is going into storage.

Prepare Your Vehicle for Storage

  1. Wash the motorcycle: Wash and dry your motorcycle.
  2. Remove:
    • All personal items from compartments, saddlebags, tour packs and windshield bag.
    • All accessories not permanently installed- this includes all loose audio/video/navigation equipment.
    • Fuel: Recommend tank be at full.
    • Keys: A set of keys/fobs must be provided when turning in the vehicle.
    • Battery: Batteries are tested to ensure that the reading is 12 volts. If the battery reading is below 12 volts the battery may need to be replaced (at owner's expense) while motorcycle is in storage.

Turn In Your Vehicle

  1. Pre-Inspection: The motorcycle will be pre-inspected for any mechanical or cosmetic defects.
  2. Sign In/Documentation: Documents will be verified.
  3. Joint Inspection: Service member and Savannah Harley-Davidson® representative will conduct a joint inspection of the motorcycle. Service member will receive copy of inspection document.

Complete the "be heard survey:" This allows us to be better serve you and your fellow service members.

Out Processing

  1. Savannah Harley-Davidson® requests 48 hours' notice to take your motorcycle out of storage.
  2. Inform Savannah Harley-Davidson® if you are taking the vehicle out of storage permanently or a short period of time (While on leave).
  3. Once you have notified Savannah Harley-Davidson® that you would like to get your motorcycle out of storage we will need to know if you are picking the vehicle up or if you need us to deliver it (within a 50- mile radius).
    • If we are delivering the vehicle we need the name of the person we are delivering the bike to, their phone number, the address and date you would like it delivered.
    • If the bike is picked up at the dealership we need their name and phone number so we can schedule pick-up time and date.
  4. When the motorcycle is picked up, you or the designated party, will sign the original condition report noting there is no damage to the vehicle that was not there previously.